Research specialization of ECBiG allows the entrance to the global trends in technology of genomic and bio-informatics research. The experience of the team is not only a guarantee of achievement of the objectives of the project but also the acceleration of the development of knowledge-based economy.


Scientific routes of many researchers cross in ECBiG - the place where passion, knowledge and imagination meet to create novel solutions in science and technology. We attract the best researchers and students from Wielkopolska region, experienced in life sciences, bioinformatics computing science and other fields.


Fully equippped laboratories of ECBiG are dedicated to both in vitro and in silico experimental research. Laboratory of sequencing, nano- and biosystems, structural analysis of proteins and nucleic acids, and many more open their door to novel projects, challenging ideas, big data and hard computational tasks. We welcome researchers, students and visitors from all over the world!

More about resources in bioinformatics see Bioserver and in genomics see IBCH.